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March 2017     |  Economic Outlook Highlights  (PDF/New Window)
March 2017     | – Economic and Investment Commentary (PDF/New Window) March 2017 | Economic Outlook Highlights
The truth probably lies somewhere between a seeming disconnect between “real-time” first-quarter growth estimates of about 1% and solid underlying data now clouding the outlook for inflation, interest rates, and corporate profits. Underlying themes supporting a return to respectable, 2.5% growth remain intact, including consumer and housing-led growth contributing to strength in manufacturing, despite weak international competitiveness, and strength extending to late-cycle business investment.
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March 24, 2017 – Market Comment (PDF/New Window)
March 24, 2017 | Market Comment (PDF/New Window) March 24, 2017 | Market Comment
A domino effect? The health-care debate stole the show in the latest week, leaving stocks seesawing lower on a decision to pull the GOP reform bill from a vote Friday. The market’s setback was on the leading edge of declines across "risk" assets included in our simple investment basket, leaving the group at a four-week low against a similarly constructed "safe-haven" portfolio. The S&P 500 ended the week at a mid-February low with its steepest decline since just before the election in a fairly broad, deep sell-off across nine of 11 sectors and 109 of 143 constituent industries. Gains confined to dividend-rich utilities and real estate were supported by a drop to a one-month low of 2.42% on the competing 10-year Treasury yield, responding to the rotation from stocks, subdued inflation expectations and to lingering fall-out from a soothing communique accompanying the Fed’s mid- March rate increase. Lower yields and a narrowing gap between those on short- and longer-term securities left financial services well behind the pack on concern over the implications for net interest margins steering bank profitability.
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Gary SchlossbergAs senior economist, Gary Schlossberg is responsible for assessing the economic environment and providing input to the equity and fixed-income portfolio management teams at Wells Capital Management.

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