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May 2017     |  Economic Outlook Highlights   (PDF/New Window)
May 2017     |  Economic Outlook Highlights  (PDF/New Window) May 2017 | Economic Outlook Highlights
A growth recovery of uncertain strength from a disappointing first quarter. Support from leading-edge housing and solid job growth is countering increasingly mixed manufacturing data and an auto-led slowdown in the pace of consumer spending, poised to revive with improving income growth. Mixed, but generally supportive financial barometers of the economy’s health include strengthening lending activity and ongoing improvement in financial stress indicators here and abroad amid a “flattening” yield curve symptomatic of slowing growth.
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May 26, 2017 – Market Comment (PDF/New Window)
May 26, 2017 | Market Comment (PDF/New Window) May 26, 2017 | Market Comment
Back on top! The stock market’s seven-day rally was a reminder of why political disturbances, like the most recent D.C. follies, are viewed by investors more as distractions than as enduring threats. Largely overlooked in the latest run up of stocks and other risk assets were tremors from a China sovereign-debt downgrade, the U.K. bombing, a less-than-cordial meeting between President Trump and other G-7 leaders plus unexpected oil-price uncertainties tied to oil producers’ extended production-sharing agreement. Investors opted, instead, to key on strong earnings growth and a positive spin to the interest-rate outlook in sending the S&P 500 to successive highs in a broad, but not overly deep rally across 9 of its 11 sectors but just 90 of the 143 constituent industry groups. High and rising investor confidence in the rally’s strength also brought the VIX "fear gauge" of implied market volatility to within shouting distance of its multi-decade low earlier this month.
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Gary Schlossberg

Senior Economist

Gary SchlossbergAs senior economist, Gary Schlossberg is responsible for assessing the economic environment and providing input to the equity and fixed-income portfolio management teams at Wells Capital Management.

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