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February 2018     |  Economic and Financial Outlook Highlights   (PDF/New Window)
February 2018    |  Economic and Financial Outlook Highlights  (PDF/New Window) February 2018 | Economic and Financial Outlook Highlights
The return to a more normal economic cycle, including inflation-driven increases in interest rates, is setting the stage for a long-overdue rotation from credit-sensitive housing and big-ticket consumer spending to late-cycle business investment. Countering expanded recession risks from sustained inflation and interest-rate increases are the economy's broad-based strength and still-lax financial conditions supporting economic growth of 2-1/2%-3% this year and 2%-2-1/2% in 2019.
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Briefings and Commentaries

April 13, 2018 – Market Comment (PDF/New Window)
April 13, 2018 | Market Comment (PDF/New Window) April 13, 2018 | Market Comment
A waiting game. The stock market's race for the gold at the start of the year has evolved into trench warfare between policy uncertainties, geo-political strains, and a more clouded economic outlook versus a still-upbeat outlook for 2018 profits. The S&P 500 last week retraced the previous period's decline in posting its best finish nearly four weeks ago, tethered to the ebb and flow of trade and Middle East developments in a rise with run-of-the-mill breadth and depth across 8 of 11 sectors and 90 of the benchmark's 125 constituent industry groups. International stocks in developed and emerging markets lagged the U.S. benchmark in both local-currency and dollar terms, restrained in developed markets by even-more-noticeable signs of a growth slowdown than in the U.S. Lagging performance by emerging markets was a break from this year's relatively strong performance through early April, raising hopes that the group can weather higher interest rates and financial turbulence likely to accompany it than the group did in 2013.
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Gary Schlossberg

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Gary SchlossbergAs senior economist, Gary Schlossberg is responsible for assessing the economic environment and providing input to the equity and fixed-income portfolio management teams at Wells Capital Management.

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