Global Bond Opportunity (USD)

The Global Bond Opportunity (USD) strategy is managed by WFAM Global Fixed Income. The investment team's philosophy is to capitalize on the increased opportunity of international markets and provide diversification through enhanced yield opportunities and controlled currency risk while seeking to exceed the return of the BofA Merrill Lynch Global Broad Market Plus Bond Index (Hedged to US$).

The strategy hopes to provide a greater opportunity set over the domestic bond market while keeping volatility close to that of the domestic market. A minimum of 60% of the strategy must be hedged at all times to the US$ and it is possible that 100% of the strategy may be hedged back to the US$ if circumstances warrant. The managers use forward foreign exchange transactions in the management of currency exposure. The investment team uses proprietary investment technology, experienced investment professionals, and active management within a structured process. The investment team actively manages currency as a separate asset class to mitigate risk and enhance returns.

Strategy details

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